World-Leading Expert in Liquid Cooling Joins Accelsius as CTO

Richard W. Bonner III, Ph.D., has joined Accelsius as its new Chief Technology Officer. Prior to joining Accelsius, Dr. Bonner worked as Vice President of R&D at Advanced Cooling Technologies Inc., a leading R&D thermal management company and supplier of custom cooling solutions.

Dr. Bonner has led many cross-disciplinary advanced research programs at the forefront of the thermal fluid sciences, including topics such as dropwise condensation using wettability gradients, micro-scale phase change materials, atomic layer deposition on micro-channel coolers, nanofluid coolants, novel heat pipe architectures, and thermoelectric heat exchangers. His research has resulted in over 50 papers and has five issued U.S. patents. In 2019, Dr. Bonner was invited to testify in front of Congress, at the hearing "Energy Water Nexus: Drier Watts and Cheaper Drops" to discuss cooling challenges as they relate to water usage in power plants. Dr. Bonner earned his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at Lehigh University in 2013.

"Rich comes to Accelsius with years of experience solving complex thermal cooling problems in real-world applications," said Josh Claman, CEO of Accelsius. "His expertise and innovative approach has helped companies spanning a wide range of industries meet their advanced cooling needs."

"Accelsius' experienced team makes them uniquely positioned to disrupt the data center cooling market," said Rich Bonner, CTO of Accelsius. "The opportunity to push emerging two-phase cooling technologies into this market is very exciting."

"The opportunity to enable higher compute densities while saving on operational expenses is important - but arguably more important is the positive impact this technology will have on the environment. The cooling of data centers is estimated to account for 1.2% of global electricity use and one data center can consume as much water as a city of 30,000-50,000 people in a day. Accelsius addresses these problems - it empowers data center and telecom operators to reduce cooling energy use by up to 80% and Accelsius' innovative technology consumes zero water. So, while the company is focused on building a successful business and innovative technology platform - we are equally committed to aiding in the efforts to limit unnecessary consumption of natural resources," said Josh Claman.

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