Disruptive. Elegant. Exponentially Cool.

Flexible. Scalable. Sustainable.

Direct To Chip. Two-Phase. Passive.

Accelsius Team Update: 

We Bring the Cool

At Accelsius, we’re IT and systems experts. We know you’re feeling the heat to cool data centers because we’ve been there, lived that — and now we’re leading the charge to cool workload-centric compute facilities around the world.

We also realize that the increasing demands of AI, machine learning, faster chips, and denser server racks are stressing you and traditional cooling technologies to the max. And the situation is only getting worse.

That’s why we’ve developed the breakthrough NeuCool™ Platform — our patented direct-to-chip, two-phase liquid cooling technology, North American supply chain, and white-glove services program.

The industry agrees: It’s not a question of if you should transition to next-generation liquid cooling technology, but when to start.

The simple answer to that question is: NOW.

We understand that a transition to liquid cooling is a journey, not an event. It takes expert planning, testing, implementation, and thoughtful execution over years. We are committed to guiding you along the path to liquid cooling. And we’ll stay with you every step of the way.

It’s an exciting time for the Accelsius team, our partners, and customers as we advance toward commercial launch.

The future is coming fast. Let us help you be ready for it.

Sign up now to secure your spot for our limited-availability Field Trial Program, or to schedule an in-person or virtual demo of our reliable, robust, service-optimized NeuCool™ Liquid Cooling Platform.

Stay cool,

The Accelsius Team

Austin, Texas

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Cool News

Cooling just got a whole lot cooler.

Introducing Accelsius, designed to deliver the highest performing cooling solution for servers, routers, switches, cell tower base stations, and other critical electronics platforms.

Cooling just got a whole lot cooler

Introducing Accelsius.

Quite simply the highest performing cooling solution for servers, routers, switches, cell tower base stations, and other critical electronics platforms.

We're breaking down walls. Literally.

Accelsius technology is engineered to deliver unprecedented densification, efficiency, scalability, and sustainability.

Positioned to shatter the Thermal Wall as power and heat densities increase, it future-proofs your IT business and allows you to scale to meet global data and compute demand.

A smart, simple, scalable solution..

The cold plate sits in direct contact with the heat source, driving optimal heat transfer.

The transition from liquid to vapor maximizes heat dissipation.

There’s no need for a pump to circulate the dielectric working fluid.

Sustainable. Attainable.

Our elegant cooling design has been created to maximize capacity, reduce operating costs, and increase energy efficiency for data centers and telecom/5G applications for today and tomorrow.