Dino's Insights on Liquid Cooling: Part 2

by Dino Foderaro, Vice President - Deployment & Professional Services
The Power of Efficiency

Efficiency, measured as PUE (power usage effectiveness), is a key driver in the realm of data center cooling, offering immense benefits to operators seeking to optimize their operations. In this section, we will explore the power of efficiency and how it directly impacts the performance, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability of data centers.

A primary advantage of an efficient cooling solution is its ability to enhance overall performance. By maintaining optimal temperature levels for IT equipment, efficient cooling systems enable servers and components to operate at their peak performance without the risk of overheating. This translates into improved reliability, reduced downtime, and increased productivity for data center operations. Furthermore, an energy efficient data center allows for increased compute power for advanced applications and allows for increased density within the data center. With an efficient cooling solution in place, data center operators can truly unlock the full potential of their infrastructure, deliver superior performance, and offer advanced compute capabilities for the organizations and customers.

Efficiency also plays a significant role in cost reduction. Data centers consume substantial amounts of energy to power and cool their equipment. The data center industry is consuming over 3% of the world’s total power and the standard data center is using between 35 – 50% of that energy to cool its IT equipment. Inefficient cooling methods result in wasted energy, lost revenue opportunities, and higher operational costs. Through implementation of an efficient cooling solution, such as liquid cooling, operators can achieve significant energy savings. Accelsius' NeuCool™ solution utilizes advanced 2-phase direct-to-chip cooling technology to enable targeted and effective heat dissipation. This targeted approach not only reduces overall energy consumption but also eliminates the need for excessive airflow and the associated costs of operating large-scale air handling systems. As a result, data center operators can realize substantial cost savings in an abbreviated period.  

In conclusion, efficiency is a powerful catalyst for driving data center success. It improves performance, reduces costs, and promotes environmental responsibility. By embracing efficient cooling solutions like Accelsius' NeuCool™, data center operators can unlock the full potential of their infrastructure while minimizing their environmental impact. In the next section, we will delve into the concept of sustainability and its vital role in shaping the future of data center cooling. Stay tuned to discover how sustainability and liquid cooling work hand in hand to create a more resilient and responsible data center ecosystem.

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